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Who is Master Faberi – @FaberiMaster?

Canadian Owner of slaves and pets!

If you are into master/slave sexual fantasies or daily practice, you will love Master Faberi and his slaves. You are at the correct address if you are into young slim, smooth gay guys wearing cock-cage. And, if you are into some group action with one dominator, tighten your belts! Master Faberi and his boys can offer all of the above. And, probably more.

What do I know about Master Faberi and his harem of beautiful boys? Nothing more than any other visitor to his profile on Twitter.

Why am I publishing this if I don’t know anything more than it is already available in the public domain? Because I want you, my readers, to check his profile out. There are millions of profiles on Twitter, and nobody can check them all out. I am cruising and looking for profiles I believe are suitable for people who read this Queer Magazine.

This is the only second gay Twitter profile I am presenting here. It has been established that posts of this type are pretty popular, and I will continue publishing them. They will all congregate in one place – the link is here:

It is time to present some images posted by Master Faberi. That should be enough to give you the idea of what this profile is all about. Here are the images

Presenting gay Twitter porn content creator Master Faberi

I will try to contact Master Faberi in hope he will agree for a short interview with him. And with his boys, if he allows that, of course.

I hope to be able to publish my interview with Master Faberi with all links to his other platforms used for posting his fabulous creations. Stay tuned!

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